Mini Text is a Floating Scratch Pad for Linux

Ever find yourself needing a “scratch pad” to store some transient text snippets while using your Linux desktop?

If so, Mini Text should appeal.

This hyper-minimal “text editor” is a small window (which you can make float on top of all other windows) where you can enter or paste text for reference/retrieval later. It has dedicated buttons to paste and copy, and a delete button to clear content.

And that’s all there is to it.

One of these windows is Mini Text – can you guess which? /s

It won’t save text, you can’t open multiple-windows, and there are no text formatting options at all (not even clickable URLs). It’s effectively a temporary clipboard – nothing more, nothing less.

If you’re thinking: “I can do this… in any text editor – or even my web-browser’s URL bar?!” you’re not wrong. Thus, I’m not going to hype Mini Text as a game-changing utility. It’s basic (by design) and its use case, I think, fairly niche.

But its super-simple nature will scratch an itch for some people — hence this spotlight.

• Get Mini Text on Flathub

Like the idea of a quick, easy-to-access ‘note pad’ but want persistence and support for having more than one window open? Check out the Sticky Notes app I spotlighted earlier this year. It does everything Mini Text can and supports saving, multiple notes, and more.

H/t Sean