‘Sticky Notes’ is a New Notes App for GNOME Desktops

If you need help staying on top of your to-dos, make a note to check out Sticky Notes, a new productivity app that hit Flathub this week.

Built using GJS and GTK4, the perfunctorily-titled Sticky Notes deliver a traditional sticky notes experience for Linux users, those running the GNOME desktop specifically.

screenshot of sticky notes gtk4 app for linux
Sticky Notes in action on Fedora 38

Plenty of sticky notes app for Linux exist. Some are solid but old (though they still work, and that’s all that matters), some don’t play nice with Wayland, and some, like Linux Mint’s Sticky are well-made but not available in places like Flathub.

This new app solves all three solutions.

Sticky Notes lets make new notes quickly; you can pick from from 8 pastel colors to help differentiate your notes; and type directly inside of them.

Formatting options are bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough (the latter being great for lists). There’s no native checkbox/tick-list type feature at present.

Window controls and menu icon fade out of view once you’re done typing your note, and note are resizeable, and can be managed as separate windows in GNOME Shell’s Activities overview.

screenshot of sticky notes gtk4 app for linux

Note state is saved between sessions. This means you can close the app and when you open it next the notes open previously are restored.

The “all notes” manager window makes it easy to keep track of notes that are open (look for the ‘eye’ icon) and closed. It also lets you search your notes. You can close the manager when not needed and open it again using the ‘all notes’ option in the sticky note menu.

Install Sticky Notes

The app is considered beta but in my testing of it seems solid. With a few eyeballs on it hopefully it can pick up fans and contributors. I’d love to see more formatting options added (links would be great), and maybe a header style or two and, heh, spell checking! 😉

• Get Sticky Notes on Flathub

So go check check it out – but maybe jot down a reminder to pop back here so you can let me know what you think of it!