Manjaro 22.0 ‘Sikaris’ is Now Available to Download

manjaro 22.0 desktop with kde plasma 5.26 showing main menu and neofetch in Konsole

A brand new version of Manjaro, a popular Arch-based Linux distro, is available to download.

Manjaro 22.0 “Sikaris” makes a stack of updated tech available to users, including Network Manager 1.40, PipeWire 0.3.57, Mesa 22.1.7, and a refresh to the Calamares installer. The recent Linux 6.1 kernel is available in this release.

Three distinct editions, each based around a different open-source desktop environment, are available. I personally use the regular KDE version, but the GNOME and Xfce editions are pretty popular too.

Manjaro GNOME edition ships with GNOME 43 (which features a wealth of improvements across the board including a more user-friendly Quick Settings menu).

Manjaro also updates its “Layouts Switcher” app with the ability to create dynamic wallpaper pairs (that change with system dark mode preference) and an toggle to fetch the latest version of the Firefox GNOME Theme for better integration.

Manjaro Xfce is based around the new Xfce 4.18 release, which includes split view, file highlighting, and recursive search in the Thunar file manager, new panel options, and other miscellaneous improvements.

screenshot of selection mode in the dolphin file manager in KDE Plasma 5.26
Dolphin’s new selection feature

Manjaro KDE ships with the latest Plasma 5.26 release, KDE Gear 22.12, and a new feature in the file manager that makes selecting multiple files and folders easier (hit the space bar to activate).

Download Manjaro 22.0

Learn more about this release on the Manjaro forum, or head to the Manjaro website to download an ISO while they’re nice and fresh.

As Manjaro Linux is a rolling release distro you only need to install it once, and then update forever. If you’re using an earlier build just run sudo pacman -Syu from the command line to download the latest updates, and install them.