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Open Source Podcast Client gPodder Sees New Release

A new version of gPodder, the open-source podcast client for Windows, macOS, and Linux, has been released.

The latest update builds on the existing feature set (which is fairly comprehensive for an app of its ilk and not covered in this post), fixes bugs, and generally improves the experience of using it.

gPodder 3.11.2 includes:

  • Option to show episode release time in released column
  • Option to right-align the episode released column
  • Always show released time in episode show notes

Adding release time might sound extraneous but there are occasions when podcasts release multiple versions of the same episode (or new episodes with the same title) on the same day. Being able to see the time helps listeners know which is the latest/most recent of these.

gPodder 3.11.2 – now with episode release time

Other lower-level/invisible changes include code-side dependency bumps, typo fixes (<3), and tweaks to ensure the yt-dlp integration is working as best it can.

Notable changes introduced in the gPodder 3.11.1 release (I covered the gPodder 3.11.0 release last august but missed the follow up):

  • Setting to treat only really new episodes as new after an update
  • Setting to disable find-as-you-type
  • Download and embed subtitles in youtube-dl downloader
  • Menu item to open logs folder
  • Menu item to rename all episodes (rename extension)
  • Setting to disable trimming episode title prefix

If all or any of the above sounds good to you, go grab the latest gPodder from Flathub.