New Version of Open Source Podcast Client gPodder Released

Into Linux podcasts? With so many great shows out there publishing new episodes regularly it can be hard to keep up, which is what a podcast manager like gPodder can help with.

This week a brand new version of gPodder was release. It’s the first significant update the podcast manager has received in over a year. Naturally, plenty of improvements are included.

For instance, in gPodder 3.11.0 you can double-click (or tap Enter) on a podcast in the sidebar to open the channel settings dialog. From there you can edit the name and description, and manage subscriptions on a per-podcast basis — a nice time-saver.

gpodder podcast manager for linux
gPodder 3.11 running on Fedora Rawhide

It’s also now possible to pause an episode downloads from the Episodes menu, episode context menu, and the main toolbar. In earlier builds you had to go to the Progress tab to pause. When an episode download is paused gPodder now shows an icon to indicate this where appropriate.

Also (hopefully) saving you time: it’s possible to quickly ‘open download folder’ by right-clicking on an episode in the episode list or using the Episodes menu.

A small time-saver

This release also restores iPod support using ctypes and libgpod (this needs libgpod installed on your distro, obviously), meaning you need never be without your favourite shows when out and about.

These and other changes in gPodder 3.11.0 at-a-glance:

  • Database schema update
  • New Preferences dialog
  • Double-click on a podcast to open channel settings
  • Syncing to mtp:// and iPod devices on Linux
  • Text show-notes title clickable and link is copyable
  • Faster startup times
  • Client indicates in episode list when ep is paused
  • Various fixes/tweaks related to YouTube
  • Show episodes without downloadable content
  • Narrow Preferences dialog
  • About dialog text (including version) can be copied
  • 25+ bug fixes

What’s particularly nice about gPodder is that it’s freee, open source software available for Windows and macOS in addition to Linux. That’s not always a given and, while Windows and macOS users have access to ample assortment of podcast aids having a libre one is pretty ace.

Download GPodder 3.11.0

To download the latest version of gPodder for Windows and macOS you can head over to the gPodder GitHub releases page for binaries, or (recommended) the gPodder website.

Linux users can, of course, install gPodder from their distro’s archives, though you’ll need to check if it’s the latest version.

Alternatively, you can get gPodder on Flathub, or use the dedicated gPodder PPA on an Ubuntu-based Linux distro.