endeavourOS Cassini Neo

EndeavourOS Cassini Neo is Now Available to Download

An updated installer for EndeavourOS, the popular Arch-based Linux distro, is available to download.

EndeavourOS Cassini Neo offers a more recent jump-on point for those looking to ride this rolling-release distribution going forward. It arrives two months after the release of EndeavourOS Cassini.

In announcing the release, EndeavourOS devs note that the Cassini Neo revision ships with Linux kernel 6.1 LTS, Mesa 22.3.4, NVIDIA DKMS 525.85.05, and Xorg 21.1.7. Updated versions of Firefox and the Calamares installer also feature.

Bug fixes also feature, ranging from work done to better accommodate 12th-Gen Intel ARC CPUs; improving resume/hibernation support; and adding an encryption option when choosing the ‘replace a partition’ option in the Calameres installer.

ARM improvements are also included in EndeavrouOS Cassini Neo, with better support for hardware on the Raspberry Pi 4, Odroid N2, and the PineBook Pro. Additionally, the EndeavourOS ARM image can be dowloaded using the official Raspberry Pi Imager tool.

And that, in a nutshell, is that!

You can download EndeavourOS Cassini Neo from the EndeavourOS download page. It’s provided as a 64-bit ISO that you can flash to a USB, boot from, and try things out live.

If you already run EndeavourOS Cassini you can “upgrade” to get all of the benefits mentioned here. How? By updating your install e.g., run sudo pacman -Syu.