The Zoom desktop client for Linux is now able to screen share on Wayland sessions.

As reported on Reddit, version 5.11.0 of Zoom’s official Linux desktop client integrates with the correct Pipewire portal to support screen sharing from Linux users using the app on a Wayland desktop session.

When clicking the “share screen” button in the video conferencing service’s Linux client a small dialog appears. This asks you to select a particular app window or your entire screen to share ‘through’ the app.

The screen share permission window

“Wait — I could already screen in Linux on Wayland”, some of you may be saying — and you’re not mistaken.

Previously, as a Redditor explains, Zoom was said to be using a workaround screenshare under Wayland. It didn’t always work, and even when it did, it didn’t work reliably.

Now Zoom natively supports screen share under Wayland, resulting in a better experience with higher frame rates and lower system resource usage when active.

Way-to go: screensharing works in Wayland

You can download the latest version of the Linux client from the Zoom website. Keep in mind that Zoom is free but not open-source software. Some features and capabilities may require a paid plan, though basic meetings (which support screensharing) are available to free accounts.

I held a meeting with myself to see if there are any hiccups when sharing a screen (previously trying to use the annotation features would crash the app) and it all worked well, on both ends. Result!

It works great, tbf

Your move, Discord! 😉