Weather O’Clock GNOME Extension Does What it Says

Weather O’Clock is a new GNOME extension that does something very simple, yet ever-so satisfying.

See, like many, I want to know what the weather is doing while I use my computer (yes, this is despite being sat next to a window I could look out of 😅). Rational or not; being able to look up and see current weather conditions/temperature at-a-glance is something I do like.

Of course, being a user of the GNOME desktop I am spoilt for choices in this regard.

There are a ton of weather extensions for GNOME Shell that, amongst other abilities, can show the current temperature in the top panel in various locations.

But those extensions usually create a separate panel applet. Thus, when you click the weather forecast in the panel a menu or pop-over appears with more weather information. Some launch the GNOME Weather app instead:

Similar extension, but a different approach

Not so here.

Weather O’Clock merges the weather forecast with the panel clock reading – it makes it part of the clock, not something separate from it.

This means when you click on the weather forecast you are also clicking on the clock, which opens the calendar and notification shade as normal:

animated gif that shows the Weather O'Clock GNOME extension being used
Weather O’Clock does the intuitive thing

This simple, subtle implementation feels more natural, and intuitive to me.

Weather O’Clock leverages the GNOME Weather app so you need to have that app installed and configured with a location before it can report anything (and when this app is installed it adds a 5-hour weather forecast embed in the notification shade, beneath the calendar).

Want to see weather (heh) this extension might suit your needs?

→ Get Weather O’Clock on GNOME Extensions.