Warp easy file transfers between linux and windows

Warp is a File Transfer App for Linux & Windows

If you’re looking for an easy way to transfer files from Linux to Windows or vice-versa, check out Warp.

Warp is a GTK file transfer app built in Rust. Using the Magic Wormhole protocol, the app makes it super-simple to send files between operating streams and devices. Desktop apps are available for Linux and Windows, and they can be used with the Wormhole Android app.

An internet connection is required to use the app but where possible your file transfers take place over a local network for improved security. Additionally, all file transfers using Warp are encrypted using PAKE.

Warp file transfer app screenshots from linux
Warp send, receive, and transfer screens

Using Warp is no-fuss: open Warp on one computer and drag/drop a file or folder to transfer, and take note of the text code/QR code. Open Warp (or a compatible app) on another device, enter the text code/scan the QR code and the transfer takes place.

You can transfer files from Linux to Windows; Linux to Linux; Windows to Linux; or Linux to Android using a compatible app.

Warp features overview:

  • Send files between multiple devices
  • Encrypted file transfers
  • Transfer files on the local network (if possible)
  • Compatibility with the Magic Wormhole CLI client
  • Generates QR codes compatible with Wormhole Android app

Want to learn more or try it out?

screenshot of warp file transfer app on Windows 11 desktop
Warp is available for Windows too

You can find Warp on Flathub, which works work most major Linux distributions. The source code is freely available if you want to build it by hand.

Looking to download a Warp runtime for Windows devices? Those are available from the project’s Gitlab releases page. Just download the ‘windows artefacts’ .zip archive, extract, and run the .exe inside.