If you’re on the Fediverse and you use Linux, you need Tuba in your life— it’s by far one of the most accomplished and engaging apps for decentralised social media there is.

And, with a brand new version of Tuba now live on Flathub, there’s arguably never been a better time for you to get aquatinted.

In this post — apologies to the person I saw asking bloggers to stop using that phrase — I’m mostly looking at what’s changed in Tuba 0.4 rather than covering the basics of what it can do.

Suffice to say, it lets you browse, reply, and favorite posts; follow and manage accounts; browse home, local, and federated timelines; post text updates, share media, insert emojis; all the “core” features you’d expect. It supports multiple accounts, most servers, etc.

Tuba 0.4 is a big update. Its makes changes to the way the app looks and works, furthers support for Fediverse-specific features, and adds a deft helping of new customization features so you can tailor an experience that best suits your tastes.

Tuba 0.4 makes a number of UI changes

First up, Tuba’s sidebar is narrower but more populous. There’s a new “Explore” shortcut; a permanent entry to manage “Follow Requests”; and a link to view keyboard shortcuts. Account info continues to top the sidebar but now uses a vertical stacked layout.

Within the various streams are are updated preview cards; more padding on video controls (and autoplay support added); while bot badges are used to denote automated accounts. Sensitive media is blurred; and you can to “pull to refresh” on touch-equipped devices.

Other notable changes:

  • Profile editing support
  • Create polls
  • Composer spell checking
  • Custom emoji picker
  • Edit alt-text in media you’ve shared
  • Ability to pin posts to profile
  • Setting to letterbox images in feeds
  • Setting to scale emoji on hover
  • Tracking ids removed from links
  • Confirmation dialog on composer exit 

Performance improvements also feature, with the Tuba 0.4.0 change-log name checking a number of now-plugged memory leaks and stability issues.

Notable bug fixes include the display of incorrect dates on posts; media attachments not clearing on edit; and the ‘large’ font setting actually using a smaller font than ‘default’.

• Get Tuba from Flathub — and don’t forget to follow @omglinux@mastodon.social!

Cheers, Scotty!