Transmission 4 Released with Better Performance, New Features

A major update to Transmission, a powerful, cross-platform, and open-source BitTorrent client, is available to download.

Transmission 4.0, in development for over a year, features a “huge list of changes” compared to the Transmission 3.0 release issued back in 2020.

New features include IPv6 blocking (which VPN users will like), support for BitTorrent v2 (and Hybrid torrents to retain backwards compatibility with older torrent files). The client was also rebuilt in C++, enabling code refinement that reduces memory usage and CPU cycles.


  • Users can set “default” trackers
  • Newly-added seeds start immediately
  • Improved privacy when creating new torrents
  • Setting to force-verify added torrents
  • Specify piece size when creating new torrents
  • IPv6 blocklist support

For Linux users one of the more noticeable changes is that Transmission 4 now boasts a GTK user interface built in gtkmm, giving the app more of a GTK4 look; the Qt UI uses Qt 6, and the web-client has been rebuilt in modern JavaScript, no longer uses jQuery, and works on mobile.

For more details see the official release notes for Transmission 4.0 on the project GitHub.

Source code for Transmission 4.0 is available for download from the official project website, with handy installers for Windows and macOS systems (including Apple silicon).

On Linux? You can download the source code and compile the client by hand. Otherwise, wait for Transmission 4.0 to reach Flathub, your own Linux distro’s repo, or third-party/community-based sources like the AUR.