A Linux App to Track Movies & TV Shows You Want to Watch

Ticketbooth is a neat Linux app with one purpose: to help you keep track of the Movies and TV shows you want to watch.

The few streaming services I use offer a “watchlist” feature. This lets me ‘bookmark’ content I come across for later viewing. That sort of helps, but most recommendations I encounter are in blog post or via social media, and the suggestions not always available to stream.

Which Ticketbooth quite literally just the ticket for me!

Ticketbooth lets you track your TV series and movies

Using it is easy: click the “+” icon to access a search dialog, punch in a TV show or movie title, select a match from the results returned to add it to your list (spoiler: adding sometimes takes ages, use the background activities dialog to keep tabs).

While you can add content information manually the app makes use of TMDB (The Movie Database) to pull in artwork, titles, release dates, and other information about shows and films. This intention is, to my mind, the star feature.

Search TMDB (you can add things manually too)

The visual presentation of Ticketbooth is second to none. Clean, ordered, and engaging. Sorting options make it easy to rearrange the order added content appears in, e.g., alphabetical, most recently added first, release date, etc.

Visuals kick up a hear when you click on a TV show or movie added to the list:

Mark individual episodes as watched

Mmm, can’t beat a bit of background blur!

As someone who tend to watch more TV shows than movies I appreciate that Ticketbooth shows (collapsable) lists of episodes (grouped by season, including title, runtime, and other information if available) and lets you mark off individual episodes as watched.

No info about where you can watch things is shown but I totally accept that is a tricky thing to pull off: streaming services vary by region, and their catalogs continually churn over, with content coming and going regularly, etc.

Some of TMDB’s more engaging features, like user scores and reviews, aren’t present either – but who cares what some schmo thinks about something… Oh wait, this is technically a review. Scratch that ;).

A modest crop of options included

I imagine most folks manage their watchlist with a simple text list stashed in a syncing notes app. While there’s no sync option here it’s effectively the same idea: a list – just one that’s a lot more engaging to gawk at!

I’d love to see the app add a separate ‘archive’ section. That way it’d be easy to look back at what you have watched – not an essential feature, but a nice “ah, yes” thing to have.

Anyway, if you’re serious about keeping track of what you want to watch, Ticketbooth is a must-see. You can install the latest version on all major Linux distributions via Flathub.

Get Ticketbooth on Flathub