Thunderbird's new logo on a pink background

Thunderbird 115 is Now Available on Flathub

Open-source email client Thunderbird is now officially-officially available on Flathub.

Plus, as of today (July 28) the most recent and roundly well-received release, i.e. Thunderbird 115 release, is also available.

I know: not much a surprise. After all, the Thunderbird 115 release happened a few weeks back, and this popular e-mail client has long been available to install from Flathub.

What’s changed is that the Thunderbird Flatpak on Flathub is now packaged and maintained by the Thunderbird team directly.

Thunderbird 115 “Supernova” sports a new UI

Thunderbird devs even go as far as to “recommended” the Flatpak build for Linux users looking to install the latest release of the client.

The main benefit from using Thunderbird from Flathub? Faster access to future updates.

Admittedly not a lure to those on rolling-release distros. But for those on fixed-release systems with stringent stable-release update policies, Flathub makes it possible to get major new releases from a trusted place, and from the upstream developer direct.

So go get it, spread the word, share the love, and help Thunderbird continue to fly.

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