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Thunderbird 115.2 Released with a Flurry of Fixes

The latest point release of Thunderbird 115 – aka the new version you’ve no-doubt heard people raving about — features a flurry of fixes.

For one, Thunderbird 115.2 makes the size, unread, and total columns right-aligned by default which, to my eyes, gives the client a more balanced presentation — but I appreciate that could just be me!

Sticking with visual improvements for a comment, Thunderbird’s message compose window was not correctly applying theme colors to menus in the last version – so that’s also been addressed by this update.

Thunderbird 115.2 with newly right-aligned size and unread columns

Creating tags from unified toolbar sometimes failed, and switching accounts in the Subscribe dialog too often would make the tree view stop updating. Both issues were bugging people using previous builds, and I’m pleased to say have been resolved.

And if you noticed the unread indicator beside a folder would sometimes clear after reading the second unread mail within it was (obviously) a bug — fix for that included too.

Other changes:

  • Account Manager now resizes to fit content (keeping close button accessible)
  • Abbreviated newsgroup names in message list header
  • Unread and flagged message counts now stay in sync
  • Cross-folder navigation using F and N now works
  • Remote content exceptions can again be added in Settings
  • “Convert to event/task” added to mail context menu
  • Events and tasks present on remote server show correctly

If you’re already using Thunderbird 115 on Linux then you should get this update from the same place you got the last, in the next few days.

Don’t have Thunderbird 115 yet? Download the latest release from Thunderbird website (for Windows, macOS, or Linux).

You can also install the latest version of Thunderbird from Flathub. This method allows you to get the latest version of the client regardless of what your distro’s packaging policies are.