GNOME top bar peek during fullscreen video

Access GNOME’s Top Bar when Viewing Fullscreen Content

Those of you who regularly use fullscreen mode for apps and media content in GNOME Shell are gonna dig the following new GNOME extension.

It’s called “Peek Top Bar on Fullscreen” because —shock!— that’s exactly what it does: it lets you mouse up to the top of your display when viewing fullscreen content to show the top bar —crucially— without needing to exit fullscreen mode.

Here’s a GIF of it in action (pay attention to the top of the screen):

This GNOME extension in action

Apple’s macOS has similar behavior as standard and there, like here, it’s a real handy one.

Being able to quickly “peek” at GNOME’s top bar means you can check the time, see your notifications, control media players, and access all of the toggles inside of the the GNOME Shell Quick Settings menu — again, without needing to exit fullscreen.

This extension works with both Wayland and X11 sessions but on the former you must “click” elsewhere on the screen after revealing the top bar in order for it to blink back out of view. On X11 it hides automatically after you move the cursor away.

At the time of writing the Peek Top bar on Fullscreen GNOME extension supports GNOME 44 only, so if you’re on an earlier version, you can’t use this. Another thing to note: I couldn’t get this extension to work whilst Blur My Shell was enabled.

You’ll find source code out on Github, and you can install the extension from GNOME Extensions website directly or, as I’ll never tire of mentioning, using the epic Extensions Manager app on Flathub.

Give it a go and let me know what you think!