Shotwell 0.32.2 Adds Support for HIF (Yes, HIF) Images

Photographers rejoice — a new stable version of open-source photo manager Shotwell has been released.

Shotwell 0.32.2 carries a modest crop of changes that build on the app’s existing feature set.

The most notable enhancement? Support for HIF (.hif) images.

HIF is a HEIF variant that uses HEIX rather than HEIC to support color profiles larger than 8-bit, and enhanced chroma subsampling. A number of popular “proper” cameras, including the Canon 1DX Mark III and EOS R5 cameras, save HEIF files using the HIF extension.

And since Shotwell is an app used by many Linux photographers, the addition is apt.

shotwell 0.32 with WebP and HEIC images open
Shotwell 0.32.2 expands its HEIC handling

Elsewhere, an issue in which Shotwell writes starts metadata to files (which haven’t been modified necessitating metadata changes) and never stops has been addressed. This issue had resulted in some users experience “sluggish” performance while using the app.

Shotwell 0.32.2 also fixes “sendto” in Flatpak environments; enables copy and pasting of paths in the profile editor; and fixes broken aspect ratios for image thumbnails if using an external editor.

Want it?

Shotwell 0.32.2 is free, open source software. Source code is available to download from the GNOME Gitlab, though you’ll need to compile this by hand.

Alternatively, new stable release of Shotwell are distributed through Flathub – which should get this update in the coming days.