Need a Simple Reminder App? Try Reminders for Linux

a screenshot of Reminders, a GTK4/libadwaita Linux app
Reminders is clean & unfussy

Need help staying on top of your to-do items? The Reminders app for Linux might be able to help.

Reminders is a simple, straightforward GTK4/libadwaita app that lets you schedule reminders for any task you want, and be notified of them using native desktop notifications. Basically, this app lets you set reminders as notifications.

The app also lets you create recurring reminders very easily. So instead of cluttering up your calendar with recurring events (which is how I remind myself to inject my medication every fortnight) you can set-up a single reminder here, set it as recurring, and let it do its thing.

Some Linux todo list tools offer notification features, but many don’t. Plus, there may be things you want to be prompted about that don’t fit in with or belong on your main “todo” list.

Remind Me… Why This One?

screenshot of reminders for linux, adding a reminder UI
Configure your reminders, your way

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to set up reminders on Linux. Some involve user-friendly apps (such as this one); some are web-based (ideal when working across devices); while others are of a more technical bent (like configuring a cron job).

For me, Reminders is simple. It’s tightly-focused. And it’s designed to remind me …and nothing else. I can’t get distracted adding tags, managing hierarchies, any performing any other organizational duties.

Open the app, click the big blue “+” button, enter a title, a description (if you want), specify a time for the reminder to appear (and optionally mark it as a repeating reminder), then hit save, and close the app (it runs in the background).

When ready, the app pushes out a notification of the reminder at the specified time. Don’t worry about missing it; the notification won’t vanish from your screen until it’s been seen and actioned via the ‘mark as completed’ action button in the notification toast:

Set reminders as notifications

Plus, completed reminders are not removed, You can open the app at any time to see what you’ve done, what you’re going to do (and, occasionally, what you forgot to do).

Features of Reminders:

  • Create recurring reminders
  • Create and edit task lists
  • Schedule notifications
  • Sort, filter, and search reminders
  • Microsoft To Do sync (optional)

In summary, Reminders is a “keep is simple” tool for reminding yourself to do things. It doesn’t do an awful lot, but what it does do, it does well. The design of the app makes it easy to add and manage the notification nudges to go do whatever it is you need to.

Which reminds me… I’ve got to go put the bins out.

• Get Reminders on Flathub.