Raspberry Pi OS Update Adds New Touchscreen Driver

An updated version of the Debian-based Raspberry Pi OS is available to download.

The first update to the official operating system for Raspberry Pi devices in 5 months features a handful of interesting changes, new drivers, and always-important bug fixes.

Chief amongst the changes is a new touchscreen driver available from the Screen Resolution tool, which also sees some ‘minor’ UI changes. There’s also support for a new msdri3 video driver, and the kms++-utils package is now included by default (saving you an apt install).

Sticking with drivers for a moment, this update to Raspberry Pi OS disables the OpenGL-based 2D graphics driver glamor on all but the Raspberry Pi 4 ‘legacy’ builds.

According to the releases notes, GTK message dialogs now use with right-justified buttons; KiCad has been added to the roster of recommended software; and the rpi-imager supports hidden ssid configuration.

Bug fixes also feature, with keyboard navigation highlights now shown on GTK switch controls, and the updated plugin no longer clearing the icon when an update fails. Updated translations are also included.

Raspberry Pi OS 2023-02-21 is based on the Debian 11 “Bullseye” and uses Linux kernel 5.15.84 and the latest Raspberry Pi firmware.

You can download Raspberry Pi OS from the official Raspberry Pi OS downloads page, where 32-bit and 64-bit images are offered for a variety of Raspberry Pi boards including the still-hard-to-find Raspberry Pi 4.