A set of user-flashable wireless earbuds from Pine64, a leading open-hardware company, could go on sale as soon as October.

The company reveals the tentative date for the launch of its ‘PineBuds‘ through its latest monthly update on the official Pine64 blog.

“[Since announcing them in April] we have been working hard to accelerate the pre-manufacturing process to bring production units to the market as soon as possible. I now come bearing news that the PineBuds tooling is finished and plastic molding has started,” Pine64’s Lukasz Erecinski writes.

He adds that one the team is happy with the plastic chassis of the buds and their case they will move on to the electronics: “It may seem a bit counter-intuitive but, in a sense, the electronics are easier to deal with than the plastic molding.”

The hope is to make PineBuds available to purchase in ‘early October’. There’s no firm commitment on price in Erecinski’s update but —going on on a limb— given how cheap their other hardware is price-wise we can assume it’ll similarly be value for money.

Surprisingly, Pine64 has decided to not ‘brand’ the PineBuds with its pinecone emblem, as it has done on some of its other hardware offerings. No word on whether the logo will appear on the charging cradle/case.

More details as soon as we hear ’em!