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openSUSE Leap 15.5 is Now Available to Download

It’s a big day for Linux fans as an all-new version of the iconic Linux distro openSUSE is available to download.

openSUSE Leap 15.5 serves as the latest stable release based on SUSE Linux Enterprise 15. This is not a “bleeding edge” Linux distribution carrying the very latest packages but an OS that prioritizes stability.

As such, openSUSE Leap is best is suited to those looking for a stable, well-tested operating system.

This version gets on-going maintenance and security updates until the end of 2024. SUSE say this “will provide users with plenty of time to transition to the release’s successor; a successor has yet to be confirmed.”

Read on for a short overview of the most notable changes in openSUSE Leap 15.5.

openSUSE Leap 15.5 Features

screenshot of openSUSE Leap 15.5
openSUSE Leap 15.5 desktop

The “big” inclusion for most will be KDE Plasma 5.27, the latest long-term support version of this poplar desktop environment. Lots of new KDE Plasma 5.27 features are available, including a new tiling experience, first-run wizard, and better handling of multi-monitor workflows.

Those not into the stock KDE desktop are able to install a different desktop environment direct from the repos, with the latest Xfce 4.18, GNOME 41, and Sway among the many alternatives available.

A newer version of Mesa is included (Mesa 22.3.5), which will improve graphics performance and hardware compatibility, and a new version of the Linux 5.14 kernel is present. Though this is the same kernel version in openSUSE Leap 15.4 it benefits from over 19k patches, SUSE say.

Other highlights include the latest Vim 9.0 release; a stack of new artificial Intelligence packages for developers; and support for booting from NVM Express over Fabrics (NVMe-oF™) over the TCP transport.

See the official release announcement for more details, or check out the succinct feature overview posted on the SUSE portal.

Download openSUSE Leap 15.5

Looking to try it out?

Head over to the get SUSE website.

There you can download openSUSE 15.5 Leap for Intel/AMD computers, as well as builds for ARM64, PowerPC, and IBM Z/LinuxONE devices. ISOs are available to download in full-size “offline” or minimal network-based installers.