The superb system monitoring tool Mission Center has been updated.

I covered this GTK4/libadwaita app last month and the reaction to it was, if you can overlook the pun, off the charts. Facsimile factor aside (if you know, you know), there’s a lot to love: big graphs, simple stats, clean layout.

One drawback in the first few builds: the processes list was entirely passive. While you could could see how much memory and CPU an app(s) were guzzling you couldn’t do anything about it, i.e. quit or force quit apps.

Fast forward a few weeks and — hurrah —that’s changed.

An updated Mission Center has hit Flathub and it makes some meaty changes.

It’s now possible to right-click on a process in the “apps” tab to access options to “stop application” or, if an app is unresponsive, “force stop application”:

Force stop apps (with caution, obvs)

Additionally, the “apps” list is now said to be more reliable and show “most if not all running apps” – saving the need to call up GNOME’s aged System Monitor tool or drop to a CLI.

Mission Center 0.3 also boasts experimental support for Snap apps in apps list; adds settings to show resource consumption per process or cumulated with descendant processes; and intros a toggle to enable persistent sorting in the apps and processes list

Used Mission Center previously? You may also notice the app has a new icon:

Mission Center new app icon
New app icon (the one on the left, obvs)

Keen to try it out?

You can install the latest version of Mission Center from Flathub, or grab the source code from Gitlab (which should now build nicely in GNOME Builder).

• Get Mission Center on Flathub