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Microsoft Edge Redesign Hits Dev Builds for Linux

The latest dev channel update to Microsoft Edge for Linux has a brand new look.

Announced at the the Microsoft Build 2023 event, and also rolling out to Edge dev channel users on Windows and macOS, the browser sports a deft redesign that features a lot of rounded edges.

While Windows 11 users are treated to the “Mica material” treatment in dev builds things are a little less fancy for Linux (and macOS) users.

Mutual changes across platforms do include rounder tabs, a rounded “content container” to frame websites, and new in-browser animations.

The rounded frame around web content is a hard to see in light mode if viewing web content with a light background, so here it is with dark mode preference turned on:

microsoft edge redesign on linux
Edge dev build on Ubuntu 23.04

Now, I don’t use Microsoft Edge for Linux regularly so I can’t tell you if some of these changes were available before today. What I can tell you is that these changes were formally announced today, so you’ll be hearing (and seeing) lots of chatter on them elsewhere.

According to our friends at Neowin, who watched Microsoft Build 2023 — I was washing my hair, sorry — the updated design was inspired by customer feedback and an urge craft an ‘aesthetically pleasing’ interface for web users.

The latest Microsoft Edge for Linux dev builds certainly appear less angular than the stable build. Clearly cribbing a little from Firefox’s recently revamp, Edge adopts ‘detached’ tabs that float above the main toolbar.

back: dev Edge; front: stable Edge
Back: dev Edge; front: stable Edge

This makes the toolbar (and address bar, et al) look more unified as a result.

Buttons have been shuffled about, with the profile switcher moving to the left-hand side of the tab bar, but alas, the ocularly-offensive Bing button remains loudly on show.

Want to try these changes out? If you have Microsoft Edge for Linux already installed on your system you should be able to install the microsoft-edge-dev build using your distro’s package manager.

If not, you can download dev builds of Microsoft Edge for Linux (.deb and .rpm) from the Edge Insider website.

Thanks Dominic