Manage Galaxy Buds on Linux with this Open Source App

Linux users rocking Samsung Galaxy Buds in their ears may be interested to hear (heh) there’s an unofficial client for managing their device on Linux.

Samsung provide official apps for managing Galaxy Buds on Android, iOS, and Windows. Linux users have to fill the silence with unofficial apps, such as the opens-source Galaxy Buds Client this spotlight post is about.

Now, I don’t own a pair of Galaxy Buds. As such this post is written blind. I can’t test any features, comment on the client’s desktop integration, or even take a fancy-pants screenshot of my own (which I like to do where possible).

But feedback on the app’s Github page suggests it works well for a lot of users (despite not being updated in a year) — so I figured it’s worth putting it in front of some eyeballs (ears?) in the hope it helps someone.

Gif showing the app in action

As read, the app will let you “configure and control any Samsung Galaxy Buds device and integrate them into your desktop”, including:

  • Overview of connected buds
  • Configure ambient sound
  • “Find my earbuds” feature
  • Equalizer adjustment

Additional functionality includes:

  • Battery statistics
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Debugging information
  • Customizable long-press touch actions
  • Firmware flashing/downgrading for Buds+, Buds Pro

If any of that sounds (groan) useful to you (assuming you own a pair of Galaxy Buds, of course) then you can install the app from Flathub or grab it from the AUR.

I encourage any of you able to test this app to share your experience/feedback down in comments. This may help Linux considering buying/acquiring Galaxy Buds and wondering if/how they work with their desktop.