Linux Mastodon App ‘Tokodon’ Gets Big Update

A canny crop of useful enhancements are included in the latest update to Tokodon, an open source, Qt-based Mastodon client.

Most notably, Tokodon 23.02.0 make big changes to the post composer.

You can now enter alt descriptions for images and videos you send through the app. Alt descriptions are an important accessibility consideration, and some Mastodon instances now advise/require them by default.

On the subject of media, Tokodon’s composer shows upload progress when you share media so that you’re not left wondering whether anything is happening at all. And if a post can’t be sent you now see an error message to tell you (and if possible, the option to try again).

Support for editing your own posts

Being able to edit posts you make on Mastodon is useful. As someone who can barely type their own name without making a typo, I regularly need to edit my “toots” (I know they’re no longer called that but indulge me). Being able to edit posts in Tokodon = much appreciated,

Plus, your default visibility preferences are adhered to when posting and replying, so if you reply to an unlisted post in Tokodon your reply is likewise unlisted; if you reply to a private message your reply is also private, and so on — pretty important change, that.

edit profile in Tokodon Mastodon Client
You can now edit your profile in Tokodon

Timeline improvements in Tokodon 23.02 abound according to developer Carl Schwan as the code was refactored to make it easier to work with faster to load. The timeline now supports video and GIF previews, and uses correct aspect ratio for image previews.

An overflow menu is available on every post. This houses additional action, including options to “copy link to post”, “bookmark”, and (if viewing your own post) “edit”. Accordingly, Tokodon’s sidebar also adds quick-access to sections for viewing bookmarks and favorited posts.

These and other changes at-a-glance:

  • Enter alt images for media uploads
  • Media upload progress indication
  • Support for editing your own posts
  • View GIF and Video previews in timeline
  • New post overflow menu
  • Search for hashtags
  • Change app color scheme
  • Editor profile information

In all, a terrific update that fans of this fancy Fediverse front-end are sure to find favor with.

Tokodon is free, open source software. You can get Tokodon on Flathub. This package should work with most major Linux distributions.