Linux IRC Client Polari Gets Fresh New Look

A new version of Polari, a terrific looking IRC client for Linux desktops, is out.

Much of the improvement comes by way of the latest libadwaita, with Polari v45 adding support for (among other features) those natty new full-height sidebars featured heavily in GNOME 45 core apps.

Confession time: I don’t use IRC often – but I know many folks, especially developers and those active in Linux communities, do.

IRC remains a delightfully deft communication protocol because it’s (largely) text-based and community-based. No GIFs, no memes, no reactions, no trends. In an age of social media immediacy IRC feels refreshingly slow, where conversations play out over hours or days.

Polari very much plays to those strengths.

Accordingly, you won’t find reams of advanced, power-user, or niche features within (see Linux apps like Smuxi for those). Instead, you get a focused set of core features that focus on the fundamentals: connecting to servers, finding channels, chatting to users, etc.

As well as being the only Linux IRC client (that I’m aware of) making use of GTK4/libadwiata Polari has another key distinction: it adapts well for use on mobile/smaller screens.

Today, much of the chatter that once took place on IRC has migrated to newer platforms and protocols, with Matrix, Discord, and Slack being perhaps the best known.

Yet IRC still has its place. If you’re among those who make use of it then the latest version of Polari is well worth checking out.

• Get Polari on Flathub (will pull in a GNOME 45 runtime if you don’t have it)