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Linux Format Magazine Issue 297 is Now On Sale

A new year, and a brand new issue of the FOSS-focused technology magazine Linux Format is available to buy.

Linux Format 297 includes a comprehensive feature about escaping Microsoft Windows. Aimed at first-time Linux users, the guide looks at using the user-friendly Elementary OS distribution to get started with Linux and related software.

There’s an in-depth guide to open source RAW photography that could (no promises) help you create better looking snaps, with ample tips, advice, software, and tool recommendations provided.

This month’s tutorials tackle ReactOS (the open-source Windows); making videos with time-lapse photos; exploring distros using the container-based Distrobox; basic photo editing in GIMP; and improving typing skills with a terminal-based tutor.

Linux Format’s review team size up the Samsung 990 Pro 2TB, peruse the Phrozen Sonic 8K resin 3D printer, and boot up the recent AntiX-22 and Voyager Live 22.10 distro releases for a closer look.

And, of course, all of Linux Format’s regular features are present, including the Newsdesk roundup of recent Linux-related news stories, Kernel Watch cast eye over recent commits, and there’s the (ever helpful) Answers section responding to reader queries.

Buy Linux Format 297

Linux Format is the UK’s best-selling Linux Linux magazine. A new issue is published every 4 weeks. You can buy Linux Format where you buy other magazines, such as WH Smiths in the UK and Barnes & Noble in the USA.

Don’t want to go out to grab a copy? You can buy single issues of Linux Format from, or take out an annual subscription to have it delivered to your door ever months. Subscriptions offer savings on cover price (and often) a free gift.

Linux Format #297 is available to buy now priced at £6.49 (UK) for the print issue, £6.99 for a digital edition from International prices vary.