screenshot of Liferea 1.14.0 on Fedora Linux

Liferea 1.14 Released with Major Improvements

A major update to Liferea, an open-source Linux feed reader app, is available to download.

Liferea 1.14.0 is the first release in a new stable release series. It introduces a raft of new features, including an adaptive interface and an internal web browser.

In this post I cover what’s new in Liferea 1.14.0. If you’re not familiar with Liferea at all, and you want to know more about what it can and can’t do, stop by the project’s official website, or read through the Wikipedia article.

New in Liferea 1.14.0

Liferea has always been a capable RSS feed reading app. It’s not the flashiest, or the more modern looking, but it’s solid at what it does: which is fetching and displaying RSS feeds.

And in the new release it’s arguably the best its been.

The main interface of Liferea is now adaptive. It automatically switches from a three-column view on wider screens to its traditional tiled layout at narrower widths. If you’re not a fan of this go to Preferences > Headlines and set ‘Default view mode’ to your preferred state.

Favicon support was reworked to make Liferea better at detecting different types of favicons and feed branding. Additionally, developers have increased the size of stored favicons to 128px. This greatly improves favicon quality throughout the app.

Additionally, this version of Liferea is said to respect your system dark mode preference (though in the Flatpak build I tested this feature did not work).

screenshot of Liferea 1.14.0 internal web browser
Liferea’s internet web browser at work

There’s a new internal web browser. This makes viewing articles from source (in truncated feeds, or due to missing page elements) easier and quicker to read than by firing up your main browser (which you can still do; there’s a setting to use main browser instead ).

Liferea’s built-in browser also supports Webkit’s Intelligent Tracking Protection, media embeds, progress bars during page loading, basic navigation, and a “reader mode” preference that greatly pares back web pages to put their text and images front-and-center.

The addition of generic Google Reader API support means Liferea can now sync up with FeedHQ, FreshRSS, Miniflux, and other cloud-based RSS services. IT’s also possible to convert TinyTinyRSS subscriptions to local subscriptions, and export any feed to an XML file.

Other changes:

  • Option to show news bins in reduced feed list
  • Option to send item per mail
  • Default to https:// instead of http://
  • Support for subscribing to HTML5 websites
  • YouTube feeds can now media:description field
  • Better explanation of feed update errors
  • New search folder rules
  • New plugin to add custom bookmarking site/service
  • Trayicon plugin now has configuration options
  • New keyboard shortcuts (e.g., F10 to trigger headerbar plugin)

In all, Liferea 1.14.0 is a release packed with improvements, all designed to make following, reading, and enjoying fresh content from your favourite sources as easy and as fuss-free as possible.

You can get the latest release of Liferea on Flathub, or install an older release from the package archives of most Linux distros.