Looking to keep tabs on KDE Plasma 6 as development kicks into gear? If so, you will want to keep tabs on KDE neon too.

KDE neon is an Ubuntu-based Linux “distro” (quote marks as it doesn’t consider itself a traditional Linux distro) created by KDE and based on Ubuntu long-term support releases. The “unstable” branch is popular with users who like to live on the cutting edge of development.

And KDE neon unstable’s cutting edge is now sharper as it’s pulling in KDE Plasma 6 from Git.

“This is very early stage development. Almost everything is super broken from a user perspective, and it may not be useful to get 500 bug reports about every little thing so tread carefully,” neon devs say.

If you already have a KDE neon unstable install and you’ve not updated it recently, you’ll need to proceed carefully. Devs urge you to run apt install neon-settings-2 prior to running a full update/upgrade.

Thereout, strap in for a bumpy ride! For a while yet there will be conflicting packages and co-install issues resulting from a mix of KDE Plasma 5.x and 6.x versions, plus changes to Qt, Frameworks, and Plasma itself.

KDE developer Kai Uwe recently experienced the tumultuousness first-hand! Issues will be finessed, fixed, and/or resolved in due course.

Exciting but alas, I’m not brave enough to dip my toes into the woes just yet – are you?