Compare Images/Videos on Linux with Identity

Comparing media files on Linux is made easy with Identity.

Identity is a GTK4/libadwaita app for Linux that lets you compare images side-by-side and, interestingly, compare videos side-by-side.

You can compare multiple images/videos in separate tabs, in a horizontal split view, or in a vertical split view (which I find the most useful). Better yet, views use the same zoom level and panning, allowing you more accurately compare similar images in high detail.

Compare images side-by-side

Similarly, comparing videos in Identity uses a single master control with seek bar. This means videos play at the same time, same speed, and sit at the same zoom level.

Why is comparing images or videos needed?

You might try a new image compressor and want to see how the quality compares between the outputted files. With video, you could export a project using a different codec or preset and then compare clips side-by-side to monitor picture quality, noise, artefacts, and so on.

Identity plays videos clips at the same time, in sync, in the same window, and controlled by the same seek bar. You switch between them using on-screen tabs or keyboard shortcuts (e.g., 1 to show video one, 2 to show video two, and so on).

Compare videos with master controls

Or maybe you’re just really bad at playing spot the difference ;).

Identity uses GStreamer for its media backend so you will need to have that installed on your system for video playback (in various formats) to work.

In summary, Identity is an essential tool for content creators as it makes comparing images/ videos faster, helping you decide which is best suited to whatever needs you have.

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