GNOME’s Nifty To Do App Loses Its Maintainer

The developer of the GNOME To Do app is ‘giving up’ maintainership of the tool.

Though it’s not one of GNOME’s Core apps, GNOME To Do ships in the default application set of many leading Linux distributions, including Ubuntu and Manjaro.

But Georges Stavracas, who created the app in 2015, says they no longer have the “personal resources to maintain it anymore”.

“If anyone is interested in stepping up to maintain it, reach out and I’ll be happy to get you up to speed on the app,” he writes in a blog post to announce the news.

a screenshot of the to do app in ubuntu 22.04 LTS
GNOME To Do comes preinstalled on Ubuntu

To Do is a simple, no-frills task management app that integrates cleanly with the GNOME desktop environment. The app can be used to create multiple lists of tasks, assign due dates and priority, and mark tasks as complete/done.

Additionally, To Do has tabs to provide an overview of tasks due “today” and those that are “scheduled”. As well as being able to create lists locally, the app also supports online syncing through some online services, including NextCloud.

If you currently use the app you don’t need to panic at this news. Keep using it; the app won’t stop working in the short-term.

But if a new maintainer doesn’t come forward then it’s possible that To Do may be dropped by the distros that currently ship it.

There is a wide range of task list utilities for Linux, ranging from simple desktop sticky note apps to advanced task managers with tags, tree-views, and markdown support.