GNOME Podcasts 0.6 Released, Ported to GTK4

Podcasts by name…

Grab yer earphones ‘cos a brand-new version of the GNOME Podcasts is out — and it’s been ported to use GTK4/libadwaita!

Not familiar with this app?

Podcasts is a capable, no-fuss podcast client for Linux desktops. You can use it to listen to your favorite podcasts using RSS/Atom, Apple Podcasts, and Soundcloud links. You’re also able to import podcasts collected in other apps using OPML, which is handy.

Ardent podcast advocates likely have their own preferred app and workflow to manage the shows they listen to. But for casual listeners, and those with “dip in and out” tastes (such as myself) Podcasts simple feature set is ample enough — and improving.

GNOME Podcasts 0.6.0 on Ubuntu 23.04

“Play, update, and manage your podcasts from a lightweight interface that seamlessly integrates with GNOME. Podcasts can play various audio formats and remember where you stopped listening,” reads the app’s Flathub store listing.

Besides lashings of libadwaita UI loveliness there are a couple of new features in Podcasts 0.6.x, including dark mode preference adherence and support for round cover images (though I’ve no idea how/when these surface, so answers on a postcard podcast).

See new episodes quickly

Plus, naturally, a ton of less-visible but no-less important improvements to performance, playback, stability, and GNOME integration. The app continues to adapt gracefully based on available width, with a super nice “now playing” screen on mobile.

Fancy checking it out? You can install GNOME Podcasts 0.6.x from Flathub.

• Get (GNOME) Podcasts on Flathub