Busy Person? Install the GNOME Next Meeting Applet

GNOME Next Meeting Applet in action

If you’re the kind of person who keeps a jam-packed calendar you’re (probably) organized enough to stay on top of it.

But on the off chance you’re not, check out the GNOME Next Meeting Applet.

GNOME Next Meeting Applet (GNMA herein) is a tray-based tool for GNOME desktops that helps you keep track of your upcoming meetings, deadlines, and other events scheduled in your Google Calendar.

As well as telling you how long it is until the next meeting, GNMA can detect video conference links from Zoom, Google Meet, etc to make it easier for you to join them.

By default, GMNA fetches all events from all calendars configured in GNOME Online Accounts. Edit the config.yaml file (created on first run) located in the ~/Home folder to adjust behaviour/appearance.


  • Uses GNOME Online Accounts
  • Tells you how long you have until your next meeting
  • Detects video conference URLs
  • Shows document(s) link if attached
  • Icons change 5 minutes before/after meeting
  • Fully configurable via a config.yaml file

You can learn more about the app on its Github page. GNOME Next Meeting Applet is available on Flathub. If using GNOME Shell, the AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem Support GNOME extension is required.

In summary, GNOME Next Meeting Applet is a small, lightweight utility that tells you how long it is until your next meeting. Convenient integration with GNOME Online Accounts means you don’t need to worry about entering your calendar details in a random app.