manjaro 22.1 talos on a laptop

Manjaro Stable Update Delivers GNOME 44

Manjaro users will be made up to hear that GNOME 44 is now available to install.

Released back in March, GNOME 44 features a wealth of improvements, features, and usability enhancements, including background apps support, an improved Quick Settings menu, new Nautilus features, WireGuard VPN support, and more.

GNOME 44 landed in the Arch repo shortly after its formal release but although Manjaro is an Arch-based Linux distro the update wasn’t immediately available to users of its downstream sibling.

Why didn’t Manjaro release GNOME 44 sooner?

The main reason is stability.

Manjaro is a rolling-release Linux distro but it doesn’t let through every update immediately. In the case of GNOME, Manjaro typically wait for the first point release in a new series to be issued (these feature lots of bug fixes) and then begin testing it integration and compatibility.

This approach still allows Manjaro to offer newer software stacks sooner than on fixed-release distros, but not at the cost of stability. Developers have time to evaluate and test updates before they push them out to a wider user base riding the Manjaro stable channel.

For more detail on the latest stable update — besides GNOME 44 there are updated kernels, KDE Plasma 5.27.5, Firefox 113, Wine 8.8, systemd 253, and GCC 13 — see the Manjaro forum announcement (especially important if you use Python-based apps from AUR).

If you’re a Manjaro GNOME user, do let me know how the update goes by leaving a message down in the comments.