The second point release in the GNOME 44 series is available to download.

GNOME 44.2 is, as you’ve probably worked out, a follow-up to April’s GNOME 44.1 release. Like that release, it provides further refinement to the (many) GNOME 44 features and UI changes we got back in March.

A curious catalog of quirks are tamed in this update, including massively reduced CPU usage in GNOME Software.

Other notable highlights across the apps and modules include performance buffs, fixed bugs, and crash remedies including:

  • Touchpad row in Settings hidden if touchpad can’t be disabled
  • Maps shows thumbnails for places with Wikidata entry title image
  • Nautilus crash fix related to usage of expandable folders
  • Issue created web apps in Epiphany resolved
  • Shared folders now appear for newly created VMs in Boxes

GNOME Shell 44.2 and Mutter 44.2 are also updated, each gaining some appreciable improvements throughout:

  • Built-in screen recorder error handling improved
  • Quick Settings’ Bluetooth menu shows user-entered device names
  • Fixes “stuck” authentication dialog in remote sessions
  • Calendar applet scales better with large font settings
  • Drag and Drop fixes in server-side decorated windows
  • Improved support for display-attached tablets
  • Mispositioning’ of some X11 fullscreen windows addressed
  • No more stuck cursors in Xwayland apps

You can view a full log of all changes in GNOME 44.2 here.

GNOME “encourage” all Linux distros shipping GNOME 44 to package and distribute this update to its users.

Thus, those on Ubuntu 23.04 and Fedora 38 can expect to receive an upgrade to GNOME 44.2 in the coming weeks. Those on rolling-release distros may get it sooner since, y’know, it’s out, ready to be packaged…