GNU linux-libre kernel

FOSS Yeah: GNU Linux-libre Kernel 6.4 Released

A new version of the GNU Linux-libre kernel is available to download.

Hot on the heels of the Linux kernel 6.4 release is this FOSS-friendly fork that forgoes non-free code, firmware, modules, and other binary blobs. The Linux-libre kernel also nixes the ability to load proprietary kernel modules (assuming you wanted to).

To quote the release announcement for GNU Linux-libre 6.4 from the Free Software Foundation Latin America (FSFLA):

“Adjusted cleaning up of x86 microcode docs, x86 Android tablets and QAT crypto drivers to account for moved files in the source tree. Dropped cleaning up of vs6624 driver, removed upstream. Neutered op-tee’s, rtl8710b’s and qcom’s Cloud AI blob loaders. Cleaned up bluetooth nxp protocol support. Cleaned up blob names in qcom aarch64 dts files.”


As well as releasing the code, the FSFLA also share a cute new cartoon graphic of Freedo, the mascot character of Linux-libre. I assume Freedo is some step-relation of Tux, the more familiar Linux penguin, however this is pure speculation on my part.

Here’s the graphic:

freedo, the penguin mascot of the GNU Linux-libre kernel

Cute, right?

I reckon a lot of us can relate to that set up, though we must appreciate that Freedo’s is running entirely sans the creature-comforts the regular mainline Linux kernel affords.

If you’re interested in using the GNU Linux-libre kernel you’ll find source code downloads available on the FSFLA website. A few Linux distros make the kernel available, but those on Fedora or Debian can make use of pre-built RPM and DEB builds (caveats apply).