Flatseal 2.1.0 Released with Refined Visuals + More

Managing app permissions isn’t a sexy task (if such things exist) but it’s a task we sometimes have to do – and for Flatpak app there’s no better tool than Flatseal.

Today a new version of Flatseal was released.

Flatseal 2.1.0 offers “refined visuals, improved performance, support for a new permission, quality of life additions, and fixes”, according to developer Martín Abente Lahaye.

And since he works on the app, he knows what he’s talking about.

Unlike me. I only just installed the update. Since this is not an app I use on the regular some nuance in the latest uplift might be lost on me.

But visually I can say: it looks banging thanks to libadwaita 1.4 and the ace adaptive awesomeness it gives app makers. It’s great to see so many apps adopting it so soon, too.

flatseal 2.1.0


A new “feature” is that you no longer need to close and re-open Flatseal if changes happen while you’re using it (e.g., you install a new app). It’s now able to remember the software you were last interacting with and show it when relaunching the app.

Flatpak will gain new capabilities in its next release, including a new device input permission. Flatseal 2.1.0 includes support of for toggling that permission (though you can’t access it until the next version of Flatpak is release and updated on your system).

Bug fixes, translation updates, and other lower-level changes also make it in to this release, making it a worthwhile upgrade for all those who often use it.

You can get Flatseal 2.1.0 from Flathub right now (if you have it installed, you can install the update – it does require the GNOME 45 runtime, so if you’re on a metered connection, be aware of that).

Trivia: Flatseal is not named after an unfortunate incident involving a 🦭.