Flatseal 2.0

Flatseal 2.0 Released with GTK4/libadwaita UI

When it comes to managing Flatpak app permissions there’s no better tool for the task than Flatseal — and this nifty utility just received a big update.

Flatseal 2.0 rolls out a refreshed UI making full use of GTK4 and Libadwaita. The app looks more in keeping with the modern GNOME desktop, and is deft at adapting to smaller screen sizes, with the app contracting into portrait-friendly proportions where required.

This release is also said to improve the app in other areas, such as typing to search for applications and offering autocomplete of XDG directories in related fields. The latter change will appreciated by developers regularly needing to fine-tune filesystem access.

In all, a welcome set of updates to an app that no self-confessed Flatpak fan should be without.

Want more details on Flatseal 2.0? Read developer Martín Abente’s blog post. You can find Flatseal on Flathub, or if you have it installed already (and it hasn’t updated yet) run flatpak update to upgrade to the latest release.

Note: Flatseal 2.0 uses the GNOME 44 runtime. If this isn’t installed it will be downloaded. Runtimes are large downloads but multiple apps can make use of them (so they only need to be downloaded once). Still, keep this in mind if installing on a capped connection.

A followup release is on the way that makes use of more libadwaita widgets and adds perhaps the most-requested feature: being able to detect when apps have been installed (or removed or updated) while the app is open — so look out for that.

h/t Scotty_Trees