Apple Silicon Linux Support Levels Up with Fedora Asahi Remix

The supremely talented folks behind the Asahi Linux project are working to bring Linux support to Apple Silicon hardware — and today they made a major announcement.

Later this month their own, new flagship distro will be released based on Fedora. They say Fedora Asahi Remix (to give it its official name) will bring them “closer to [the] goal of a polished Linux experience on Apple Silicon”.

However, the announcement of this distro will not detract from or dilute down the broader aim of the Asahi project – which is to bring full Linux support to Apple Silicon machines regardless of distribution.

“Our goal is for all distros to eventually integrate all this work […] But, in order to kick off this process, we had to prototype what this integration looks like, which meant we had to create our own distro.”

Hence the founding of Fedora Asahi Linux.

Many fruits of the Asahi effort are already upstream in Fedora, and Fedora infrastructure is being used to deliver extra hardware enablement packages. Having that taken care of “frees up” the Asahi team to focus on reverse engineering, creating drivers, and patching software.

The first “official” release of Fedora Asahi Remix is expected at the end of August.

Apple Boo! Apple Silicon Boo!

Now, I’m aware not everyone is a fan of Apple or its new-fangled ARM-based M-series chips. Some question the worth in bringing Linux to an architecture that doesn’t openly “want” it or provide any sort of help, documentation, or support to aid it.

I’ve always found that a strange position. Being able to run Linux on things which don’t already run Linux is kind of the point of Linux.

Plus, technology advances.

Pretending that Apple’s M-series chips aren’t powerful, or don’t push forward to do things that complacent industry-dominating architectures aren’t don’t is fine – but it’s akin to walking around with one eye closed: it alters nothing but your own outlook.

Apple silicon is here; there’s no reason Linux shouldn’t empower the tech, and in doing so further demonstrate the reality that Linux is the most adaptable, malleable computing tech ever created!

And that is what Asahi is doing.

More details (and try it today)

You can find out more details in the announcement post linked in the first paragraph. Super-duper-early-bird testing builds of Fedora Asahi Remix can be downloaded today by following the instructions posted to the new Fedora Asahai Remix website.