budgie logo, fedora logo, and the sway window manager logo on a blue background

Fedora Approves Official Budgie & Sway Spins

When Fedora 38 is released this coming April it be available in two brand new spins.

Fedora’s Engineering and Steering Committee (FESCo) has unanimously voted to approve the creation of an official Fedora flavor shipping the Sway window manager by default, and an official Fedora spin built around the popular Budgie desktop environment.

Sway and Budgie are already available for Fedora users to install on current versions of the distro, with the Budgie packages officially landing last spring.

This change, however, will see dedicated Fedora 38 ISO images (and the relevant support around them) with Sway and Budgie preinstalled, out-of-the-box, ready to use. Budgie desktop’s lead developer is working on the Fedora Budgie spin.

They add to a growing family of Fedora Spins centered around a specific type of desktop environment or window manager, with the likes of Fedora i3 and Fedora Cinnamon also available.

From its initial change proposal we know the Fedora Budgie will ship a set of core apps (which includes popular GNOME software); use the Materia GTK theme and Paprrus icon set; and leverage LightDM + Slick Greeter for a “refined greeter appearance”.

Expect to hear and see more about what’s planned for Fedora Budgie and Fedora Sway as development effort on Fedora 38 picks up pace over the coming months.