Fedora 38 Beta is Now Available to Download

Fedora 38 beta is available to download ahead of a planned stable release in late April.

As you’d expect, a ton of improvements feature in Fedora 38 and through this beta build developers and enthusiasts have ample opportunity to try them out in real-word testing.

Fedora 38 Workstation Beta includes GNOME 44 (which is loaded with changes, see the linked overview), as well access to the full breadth of software on Flathub via the GNOME Software’s third-party repositories dialog.

screenshot of Fedora 38 Workstation with GNOME 44 desktop
Fedora 38 Workstation Beta

Desktops wise, Fedora 38 Beta includes Xfce 4.18, GNOME 44, and KDE Plasma 5.27. LXQt images are now provided for ARM 64, and Fedora’s KDE spin now uses Wayland to display the SDDM login screen.

Two new Fedora Spins make their debut: Fedora Budgie, which offers the latest Budgie desktop experience atop a Fedora Linux base; and Fedora Sway, which ships the up-and-coming Sway window manager.


  • Linux kernel 6.2
  • Noto fonts used for more languages
  • GCC 13 system compiler
  • systemd unit timeout reduced to 45 second
  • Modernized Live Media
  • Initial support for unified kernel images
  • ImageMagick 7.x

In all, a set of welcome updates that further improve this flagship Linux distro.

Interested in helping test this release out?

You can download Fedora 38 Workstation Beta from the getfedora.org website (look for the blue ‘beta’ box to ensure you get the right download), and to download Fedora Spins head to spins.fedoraproject.org/prerelease to pick your preferred flavor.