EndeavourOS ‘Artemis’ is Now Available to Download

A new version of Arch-based EndeavourOS is available to download.

EndeavourOS “Artemis”, named after the upcoming NASA mission to the moon, is the latest ISO refresh for this popular rolling-release Linux distro.

New ISO images are produced periodically to make it easier for new users to jump-aboard the rolling-release train without having download and install tons of post-install updates to ‘catch up’.

What’s new in EndeavourOS Artemis?

screenshot of endeavourOS xfce edition
EndeavourOS ‘Artemis’ with Xfce desktop

A big one is ARM support.

“Just like NASA’s Artemis mission will be to go back to the moon and also lay the foundation for the future (Mars) missions, the Artemis release is laying the foundation for the future of EndeavourOS ARM,” the EndeavourOS team write in the release announcement.

From the launch of our ARM branch in 2020, it was always our goal to integrate the ARM install process as an option on the main ISO release [and] we are proud to present you with our first milestone step in bringing the two projects closer together.” 

Check out the EndeavourOS ARM blog post to learn more about the effort thus far, and if you have compatible ARM hardware around (like the Raspberry Pi 4) the distro’s new beta installer looks well worth trying out.

ARM-aside, EndeavourOS ‘Artemis’ ships with an updated set of core packages, including:

  • Calamares 3.2.60
  • Firefox 101.0.1
  • Linux kernel 5.18.5
  • Mesa 22.1.2
  • Xorg-Server 21.1.3
  • nvidia-dkms 515.48.07

There are also updates to the distro’s keyring loading, the addition of wireplumber to replace pipewire-media-session, and support for downgrading EndeavourOS packages using the eos-downgrade command.

On the desktop site those opting for a Budgie desktop experience can now pull in the new budgie-control-center, which is available in the repos.

Xfce and i3 sessions no longer autostart the firewall applet by default, while offline Xfce installs proceed properly thanks to a ‘huge clean-up’ effort by an EndeavourSO community member — nice!

More details on the EndeavourOS blog, while links to download EndeavourOS are on the project website.

Remember: if you already use EndeavourOS you not not have to re-install to get this update. As long as all pending updates are installed, you ‘have’ this release (yes, even the new wallpaper).