More Developers Use Linux than Mac, Report Shows

The 2022 StackOverflow developer survey shows that more developers use Linux than Mac.

And while Windows remains the most used platform with developers overall it’s not by as much as you may think.

The traditional annual survey from developer resource Stack Overflow reveals, as noted by Thurrot, that Microsoft Windows is the most widely used operating system among developers who took part in the poll.

A smidgen over 48 percent of developers say they use Windows in their work-related tasks (and a larger 62% say they use it for their non-work/personal/hobby needs).

Linux isn’t that far behind in work-share with 40 percent of developers noting they use Linux in their work life (40 percent say they also use Linux for personal use as well).

Apple’s macOS trails in third with a 33 percent share for work use (and a 31 percent personal share). Meanwhile Linux (in a roundabout way) also takes fourth spot as 14 percent saying they leverage Microsoft’s Windows Subsystem for Linux as part of their job.

That Windows reigns supreme for personal use is going to surprise no-one, but for getting development done Linux is the go-to. It factors in the work needs of the most respondents if combining those who use Linux natively, and those use it inside of Windows.

Other Stats

Other interesting stats revealed by the survey (the whole thing is worth reading, should you have a moment):

Top 5 Most Popular IDEs:

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio Code (75%)
  2. Microsoft Visual Studio (32%)
  3. IntelliJ (28%)
  4. Notepad++ (28%)
  5. Vim (23%)

Top 5 Most Popular Programming, Scripting & Markup Languages

  1. JavaScript (65%)
  2. HTML/CSS (55%)
  3. SQL (49%)
  4. Python (48%)
  5. TypeScript (35%)

Additionally, Rust was crowned most loved programming language (while MATLAB took the inverse prize of most dreaded language to work with). Rust also came top of the charts in the languages developers most want to work with in the next year.

In all, interesting stats though I suspect for many folks this is just confirmation of what they already knew.