With Debian 12 released and well-received attention turns to its successor, Debian 13 — and we already know a few tantalising details about it.

First up its codename.

Debian releases are named after characters from the animated Toy Story film series. The most recent release being Bookworm (a character in Toy Story 3), the previous being Bullseye (Toy Story 2) and so on, all the way back to 1996’s Debian 1.1 Buzz (Lightyear).

Which character will Debian 13 be fronted by?

Trixie, a blue toy Triceratops introduced in Toy Story 3, who later starred in a on-off Christmas special called ‘Toy Story That Time Forgot‘. Since I find dinosaurs cool in anything this moniker certainly makes me smile.

On to more prosaic matters.

Debian’s Jonathan Wiltshire has revealed that Debian 13 will likely include an official port for RISC-V devices, albeit one subject to architecture qualification during a latter stage of the Trixie development cycle.

Momentum behind this open-source architecture continues to mount. And with Debian being a flagship Linux distro, its support for the platform is a major coup.

Not that the effort is starting from scratch.

Debian for RISC-V 64-bit is already a ‘thing’, and Wiltshire notes the effort is “making good process”. By the time of the Debian 13 release in 2025, RISC-V hardware will (one hopes) be easier to come by, thus allowing more community developers to take part in bring up.

Exciting stuff.