Now that Debian 12 is out, a bunch of Linux distros built out from it are issuing new versions – the latest being CrunchBang++.

CrunchBang++ 12.0 sees the Linux distro rebase atop the recent Debian 12 release. This sees the distro inherit all of the underlying benefits that the release brings, including, notably, Linux kernel 6.1 LTS, newer graphics drivers, and an updated package set.

Updated foundations aside, CrunchBang++ 12.0 also ships with a surfeit of updated software. Firefox ESR is the default web browser; there’s Thunar 4.18 and Catfish 4.16 for file management; Geany 1.38 for text editing; VLC 3.0.18 for media; and Terminator 2.1.2 as default terminal.

CrunchBang++ 12.0
CrunchBang++ 12.0

If you’re looking for a lightweight Linux distro with a fast, fluid user experience then CrunchBang++ is an obvious fit. It’s build around the OpenBox window manager (updated to v3.6.1 Iin this release) and uses lightweight tools like tint2 and dmenu to drive its UX.

Notably, CrunchBang++ is available to download for 32-bit and 64-bit computers.

So that’s CrunchBang++ 12.0 in a (not literal) nutshell.

Linux users with find CrunchBang 12.0 a compelling uplift. It provides access to a cache of updated software, improves hardware support across the board, and continues to put resource efficiency ahead of flashy eye-candy.

Whether you’re a self-confessed fan of CrunchBang, or a new user considering it, there’s lots of enjoy in the latest release — so skip over to the project’s GitHub releases page to download CrunchBang++ 12.0.

Tip: when trying the live session on the ISO the username and password you need to login with is live and live respectively.

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