screenshot of celeste linux GUI cloud sync app

Celeste is a Promising New Cloud Sync Client for Linux

Looking for a user-friendly way to sync Google Drive, Dropbox, and Nextcloud files on the Linux desktop?

Check out Celeste. It’s a promising new file synchronization client for Linux desktops built in Rust and GTK4/libadwaita (meaning it runs fast and looks great).

Celeste can connect to and sync files with a number of well-known cloud providers, including:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • ownCloud
  • Nextcloud
  • WebDAV
  • pCloud

The tool is backed by rclone, a powerful command-line program that can manage files on cloud storage. So versatile is it, rclone is often referred to as the “Swiss army knife of cloud storage”, and the number of cloud providers it works with is extensive.

The app supports:

  • Two-way sync
  • Ability to exclude files/folders from sync
  • Connect to multiple cloud providers at the same time

So far so good, so what’s the catch?

Celeste is not yet stable. It is is described as being in an “early alpha” state. As such, no-one should be use this app to manage, backup, or sync any important files in case they disappear, Mary Celeste style!

That said, Celeste is already functional; the app has a clean, simple GUI that makes setting up cloud accounts easy. And it does the basics of what it sets out to (i.e. sync files) well enough to be deserve a little bit of early attention.

Future plans include adding support for additional cloud/server support, including Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3, B2, sFTP, and SeaFile.

You can find Celeste on Flathub, Canonical’s Snap Store, and GitHub.