Bloomberg’s FOSS Fund Gives $10k to Open Source Projects

Bloomberg — yes that Bloomberg — is offering financial help to open source projects through its new FOSS Fund.

Through the endeavor, Bloomberg hopes to “help maintain and sustain” the ecosystem of free, open source software that it (and many other big companies) rely on throughout the various stacks in their organization.

It’s giving back, basically.

Via its FOSS Fund – and initiative many other companies also use — Bloomberg employees can nominate open source software projects they use/contribute to. From the nominations a vote is held quarterly and up to three $10,000 (USD) grants are awarded.

Bloomberg awarded the first of its grants in January. The three recipients (selected from a pool of five) were:

Alyssa Wright, who heads up Bloomberg’s Open Source Program Office, says:

“There’s a huge use of open source being collectively built by people, and it’s the right thing to do, as well as the smart thing to do, to directly and democratically support the open source projects we’re using.”

I don’t think many of us can find fault with that.

For more details check out the Bloomberg blog post.