Amberol Audio Player Adds ‘Restore Playlist’ Option

A new version of the effortlessly easy audio player Amberol is rolling out on Flathub.

Amberol 0.10 is composed of smaller, welcome changes that give users more control over how the app behaves on their Linux system.

A big one for me: when you open a new Amberol window there’s now an option to restore the playlist from the last session. If you regularly load in the same set of folders/songs when using the app this minor addition will certainly save you time and effort.

A screenshot of Amberol 0.10 and its new "restore playlist" option
New ‘restore playlist’ option gets you listening quicker

The app no longer adds duplicate entries to the playlist. This is great if, say, you add a couple of tracks from an album to a playlist and later drop the whole album folder on the playlist to load it in. Whereas before you’d get duplicate entries, now you don’t – nice!

Now that GNOME 44 and its new background apps UI in Quick Settings is out, Amberol 0.10 makes it easier to access a toggle to control the status of background playback ad-hoc, when you want, without having to dive into Settings > Applications to revoke permission.

A screenshot of Amberol 0.10 and its new "background playback" toggle

Rounding out the release are a quick mute/unmute button; tweaks to ensure that the playlist fits mobile devices neatly; more consistent wording throughout the app; and (of course) a bunch of bug fixes.

In all, this small uplift to Amberol intros further refinement to an-already finely-tuned audio player. If you’re looking to swerve managing your music collection and focus on listening to it instead, I highly recommend taking Amberol for a spin.

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